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Site of the Week

Welcome to the iOgden Site of the Week program.

The goal of is to encourage local web development in Weber County. The site of the week program extends this idea by highlighting some of the interesting web sites or organizations in the area.

The site of the week will update every Thursday. You can subscribe to the Site of the Week with this web site's RSS Feed RSS Feed. You can also view the Site of the Week History.

In some cases, there will additional Site Reviews during the week. Often the midweek reviews will simply contain more information about the site. For example, if a Community Organization is running an event, I might add a review to highlight the event, or if a store is running a coupon, I might make a review that lists the store's coupons.

The process of selecting a site of the week is a random process. I generally make the decision when I add a link. My tendency is to make every web a site of the day. I just don't have time for that.

It's All About the Feed

Let's face the cold hard truth. This site of the week program exists so that the site will have regularly changing content for an RSS feed. I want new data showing up in the feed on a regular basis. One review a week is ambitious. If I beat that goal, I will having more mid week reviews simply to keep the RSS feed populated.

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DISCLAIMER: This review is about the web site. It is not a recommendation for a company or product. The goal of the Site of the Day review is simply to point out an interesting local web sites. View Site of the Day History. RSS Feed

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