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Weber County is a densely populated county along the Wasatch Front in Northern Utah. The 2010 census recorded a population of 231,236. The 2015 population estimate was 243,645.

The county was named after the Weber River which, in turn, was named after John Henry Weber (1779–1859) who explored the area as a fur trader for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company from 1824-1826.

Locals pronounce the county name as weeber (/ˈwiːbər/). It is likely that John Weber pronounced his name with a soft "e" as webber.

Weber was one of the original seven counties named by the First Utah Legislature. The headwaters of the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains are now part of Summit County and the historically important transportation route of Weber Canyon is now part of Morgan County.

Weber County includes only a small portion of its namesake river.

The primary city in Weber County is the booming metropolis of Ogden, Utah.

Weber County proper stretches from the shores of the Great Salt Lake and includes the full drainage basin of the Ogden River which starts in the Wasatch Mountains, consolidates in scenic Ogden Valley then rushes through the deep and impressive Ogden Canyon before entering the Salt Lake basin.

Most Utahans associate the term "Weber" with the "Weber River Basin" and associate Weber County with Ogden.


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