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About iOgden.com

iOgden.com is part of the Community Color project. The goal of this project is to examine the impact of the Internet on local communities.

In the first wave of the program, I developed directories and calendars for interesting towns like Ogden, Park City, Tooele, Moab, etc.

In the current build of the site, I decided to take a top down look at the state. I bought the domain UtahColor.com and created a subdirectory for each county in the state.

I added subdomains for places like Box Elder County and Morgan County. I am keeping the domain iOgden for Weber County and LoganUt.US for Cache County.


In the first round, I funded the project through affiliate ads. There is an affiliate ad at the top of each page. In this second round of the project, I decided to give locals the opportunity to replace the affiliate ads with local ads.

I charge a listing fee of $25. I will display the ads for at least 100,000 hits before asking for more money. You can read more on the Advertising page.

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